Connecting the two sites

The White House Cone site will be divided into two elements with new commercial units within the Mill Building and residential units above. The museum will be located in the Newhouse Building at the entrance to the site. Parking will be provided next to the museum for visitors. Coach parking will be provided for large groups and a drop off point right outside the museum entrance for disabled visitors.  Eventually in the years to come it is intended to hopefully link the Red House and White House sites through an underground tunnel running under the High Street. This will provide a safe passage between the buildings and provide a dramatic visitor experience exploring the untouched time capsule of the historic tunnels. The intention is to dimly light these areas and leave them in their existing state to provide a sense of the life of the original workers.

The proximity to the Stourbridge Sixteen Locks Conservation Area offers the potential for the cafe to have canal side seating areas. New landscaped areas to the public space at the front of the Newhouse Works will set out the position and scale of the demolished cone as a reminder of a bygone age with dramatic lighting to provide a new landmark.

Externally, the existing brickwork, openings and structures will be retained, cleaned and repaired with new double glazed windows used throughout. New insulated metal cladding and slated roof coverings will be installed and existing walls lined internally to improve thermal performance and reduce energy costs providing a sustainable building.

Internally the features of the former glassworks buildings, including cast iron columns, timber beams and floor boards will be left exposed retaining the historic character and setting of the buildings for public display.