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Max and Chris 27.10.22














Hot Glass Studio – Come and Visit

Opening 9 April 2022












Design Your Own Glass – Click Here: New Interative at Stourbridge Glass Museum

15.2.22 Design Your Own Cameo

















Cinderella’s Glass Slipper by Allister Malcolm

Making Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

Cinderella Slipper 1

Chris Day On ITV Central News



An update on Stourbridge Glass Museum 18 May 2021


Fire Breathing Dragon

Dragon 1 Dragon




We are running a fundraiser for The Good Shepherd Services. We are in real time developing a piece to give away as a prize- and donations are already coming in. Day by day we will be posting progress reports within our Advent calendar.

£5 per entry in to our draw – we will select randomly a winner – to be announced on Christmas Eve on Facebook. Donate here:

The aim – To provide a compassionate, supportive and caring service to assist the poor, homeless and socially isolated of our community.

Watch the inspiration behind the idea 2 mins

The Inspiration by Allister Malcolm

Creating The Angel by Allister Malcolm

A Special Bonfire Night Fire Works Demonstration – 5 November 2020

Are you ready for Fire Works? Fire twirling, Liquid glass, Fire Poi and more.
Fire Works

Halloween Glassmaking Demonstration – 31 October 2020

A piece created and inspired by Halloween – Allister Malcolm creates a unique piece applying layers of coloured glass achieving interesting effects. Follow the hot glass from beginning to end. Watch out as it obviously has strange side effects on Allister at the end. Thanks again to Madeleine Hughes for assisting and Scarlett and Jasper Malcolm for the filming.

Halloween Glass

Allister Malcolm creates a Glass Gnome for Naomi’s Birthday present as a surprise 4 October 2020

Naomi’s Surprise Gnome

Naomi Gnome

Our own TV and multi-media megastar 

Well, did you see Allister Malcom on Home Is Where The Art Is?  If you missed the programme then see it again on BBC iPlayer (episode 6):


Studio Tour May 2020

As people can’t get out to visit the studio at the moment due to the Coronavirus we thought it would be good to give a tour and show what is going on in studio at the moment and share some recent footage of some glassblowing action. There’s some interesting footage (in reverse) of some fun glassblowing action too with Allister Malcolm’s children getting involved in the action with the molten glass.

Thanks To DW Glass

Madeleine Hughes

Simon Bruntnell for Photography


Release Potential – August 2019

Release Potential, a wonderful organisation that helps steer people back into the world of work by a confidence-building exercise involving the production of a video, part of which involves a visit to WHCmog. Their latest effort is now available to view below. The entire video of just over 44 minutes is a remarkable achievement within the tight timescale they set themselves to complete it and the BGF contribution comes in around 11m 50s. We have already been asked if we will be willing to assist again on a future occasion and the answer is, of course, yes. Learn more about Release Potential at

Sam’s Big Day Out – 14 January 2017

It all started just before Christmas with an email from our good chum and supporter Ian Dury who told us: ‘A few weeks ago I was approached by a lady who was formerly an employee of Stuart Crystal. Her 10-yeard old son Sam attends St James Primary School in Wollaston and their end of year project was on local Black Country industrial Heritage. He chose Stuart Crystal and its links with the Titanic and they came to me for some background information. Last week he and his proud Mom reported back to me that Sam’s tutor was so impressed he was awarded 6 points out of a normal maximum of 5. He had made a replica of the Red House Cone two feet tall and with his background written work it was regarded as outstanding. I thought this might be of interest’.

It most certainly is of interest; in promoting Stourbridge Glass for future generations part of our role must also include identifying the next generation of custodians and enthusiasts. This was just too good an opportunity to miss so we made contact with Sam and his family to work out a surprise treat especially for this talented young man.

Allister then took us into his studio where he explained a few principles of glassmaking before then donning Sam in safety gear for a masterclass in how to make the stuff, with Sam very much at the helm. At last, with his dream of blowing glass fulfilled and a glass bauble to take home as a memento, Sam was then presented with a selection of signed books that we very much hope will encourage him to continue his studies. It was, quite simply, all absolutely brilliant and we wonder who was the more excited when Sam and his proud parents turned into bed that night after their truly memorable day.

The Heat Is On

Building and lighting of the new furnace at White House Cone 11 June 2016

The Rise, Fall and Renaissance Of The Glass Industry

Broadcaster Graham Fisher explores glassmaking in Stourbridge then and now. He talks to Charles R Hajdamach a leading authority on British glass and a Fellow of the Society of Glass Technology about the rise, fall and renaissance of the industry.

The Rise, Fall and Renaissance Of The Glass Industry

International Festival of Glass At The Ruskin Glass Centre and Glasshouse College

Graham Fisher talks to participants in the International Festival of Glass at the Ruskin Centre and Glasshouse College to discuss glassmaking in the Stourbridge area today.

International Festival of Glass at The Ruskin Glass Centre & Glasshouse College


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