Bibliography of glass

Willy Van Den Bossche

The British Glass Foundation has been generously gifted use of the Bibliography of Glass as  compiled by Willy Van Den Bossche, which we can share with you here. This reference book lists titles covering anything glass related and will prove invaluable for those with an academic interest or as a starting point for those of you wishing to do a little research. Click below to view the entire pdf document.



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Willy Van Den Bossche

Willy Van den Bossche was born in Belgium in 1943 where he graduated in industrial engineering in1967 and then specialised in glass technology. For two years he worked as a Chief Plant Engineer in the bottle making industry in Antwerp (Belgium) where he started collecting bottles. From 1971 until his retirement he worked as a Chief Patent Examiner in the field of glass technology at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Holland where he searched more than 4,000 glass patent applications world-wide. In 1999, he authored the International Patent Classification in the field of Glass Technology (C03B) for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the specialized Patent Agency of the United Nations. For more than 50 years he has been a pioneer and a serious collector of European antique glass bottles (1500-1850) and utility glass, as well as all literature on glass, the art of glass and glassmaking from all over the world. In 2001, after capping 12 years of research and development, he authored his first major reference work Antique Glass Bottles – Their History and Evolution (1500-1850) – A Comprehensive, Illustrated Guide – With a World-wide Bibliography of Glass Bottles (440 pages with 770 European bottles, jars and seals illustrating in full colour his entire private bottle collection). In 2003, he received the Honor Roll Award of the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC / USA) for his significant contributions to the hobby of collecting bottles. In 2012, he authored his second major reference work Bibliography of Glass: From the Earliest Times to the Present (347 pages, 3,426 titles) spending 10 years for preparing this book in four languages (English, French, German and Dutch). In February 2019, he authored this updated and extended Digital Edition of his most important private glass library containing all the significant literature devoted to antique glass and glass bottles world-wide in all languages. The library contains 4,210 books which take up 82 running metres on the shelves. Willy is a member of several international associations for the history of glass including the Glass Comity of the International Council of Museums (ICOM/Glass). He has lectured and written many articles on antique bottles and glass. He retired in 2003 and lives in Belgium.