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British Glass Foundation 


We respect your privacy. Here’s how we do it.

Who we are and how to contact us 

The British Glass Foundation

Registered Office:

c/o Hulbert Properties Ltd

Peartree Lodge

Hulbert Drive


West Midlands DY2 0XW

Registered Charity No: 1139252

Telephone: 01384 239019


Our current personnel are listed under ‘The Trust’ on

What information do we collect about you, and why? 

We collect personal data that you have consented for us to use as part of our promotional

and marketing campaign in our efforts to develop White House Cone museum of glass


Email, and other forms of, communications may be sent to you on the understanding that you

have consented to be informed about BGF and WHCmog. 

Our principal means of communication is, to date, by email and we do not yet generally

undertake campaigns or information release by post or telephone. However, this may soon

change as our plans progress, hence in addition to the essential email consent we may also

seek consent to contact you via post or telephone.

We do not hold, nor do we seek, any information considered ‘sensitive’. This includes details

such as your religion, sexuality, political leanings or health. An exception to the latter may be,

for example, where you wish to volunteer and, of your own volition and with your express

consent, you offer us information about, say, a physical disability that precludes you from

undertaking certain tasks. So then we don’t embarrass you by asking.

Most of our supporters are adult and will appear on our general database but in the interests

of child protection details of under-18s may be maintained in a separate section on the site,

for no other reason than our communications can be moderated if necessary – albeit we

cannot envisage any general instances where this would arise.

What we do with your information 

We may wish to: 

* keep you informed of developments at the site such as news and events.

* distribute communications including our in-house email bulletin GlassCuts or other material.

* inform you of developments in organisations with whom we work closely.

* send you a survey for market research purposes.

* send you promotional, marketing or fundraising information.

* advise you of other products, services or functions related to the work of BGF.

In addition, there are (where applicable) some membership and donation communications

that we are required to send regardless of your contact preferences. These are essential

communications, deemed necessary to fulfil our contractual obligations to you. This would

include Direct Debit confirmations and advanced notices, thank you letters, member benefits

and membership cards, renewal reminders, Gift Aid confirmation letters and querying

returned mail or bounced Direct Debit payments with you.

We routinely review your information to ensure it is current and relevant. If these criteria no

longer apply, the information is permanently deleted.

You may inspect the data held on you at any reasonable time and may also correct, amend or

delete some or all of the information held. This will be at no fee unless the amount of requests

you make is deemed ‘manifestly unreasonable or excessive’ in which case a reasonable

charge may be made, depending on the amount of work required to answer your requests.

We will always seek proof of your identity before revealing information to you. Access

requests should be made in the first instance either to the address at the head of this

statement or via

If you do not wish your details to be held in this manner or do not wish to receive further

information then send an email with ‘BGF Stop’ in the subject field, or otherwise contact the

originator by other means as per our ‘header’, who will issue confirmation of deletion by return

if practicable and in any case within 48 hours. A brief indication as to why you wish to

unsubscribe, though not a requirement, would be appreciated.

Who we might we share your information with 

Simple. We don’t. Under no circumstances whatsoever will such details be divulged to a third

party, albeit they may already be in the public domain. This caveat excludes provisions where

we may be obliged to disclose under jeopardy of legal order or other such requirement.

How we keep your information secure 

Your details, which extend no more than necessary to distribute material as described above,

may be held on a secure electronic storage and retrieval system to which only the originator

and nominated deputy have access. Information is not routinely transferred externally via data

stick, disc or other device or means and never leaves the possession of the information

holder at BGF.

Paper records, for example hard copy consent forms or business cards collected at an event,

are scanned and then destroyed immediately thereafter. Telephone calls are not recorded.

No information will be held outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

How long do you keep the information? 

No longer than is necessary, in line with our retention policy, or until you tell us otherwise. All

information held is checked regularly for content, accuracy and relevance. We review our

email details, for instance, every time we send out a communication such as our email

bulletin GlassCuts, or a news release, and the period of such review will, in any event, be no

longer than 2 – 3 years.

We may contact you at some juncture to ascertain you still wish to receive our output and that

your details are accurate. And, of course, you may request your information to be deleted

completely at any time.

Our website is compiled and maintained on a philanthropic basis by

The British Glass Foundation (BGF) together with contributions from its authorized

associates. It has no other function than to promote the work of BGF in its aims and to

disseminate information on its behalf.

Contributions from external sources that may help increase the knowledge base or be of

assistance in our aims can be made via Whilst all

comments are welcomed and may be considered for publication either on this website or in

other promotional output the BGF moderator reserves the right to remove any material that is

deemed offensive or inappropriate. Submission does not necessarily imply acceptance or


Opinions expressed by correspondents may not reflect those of BGF or its associates. Usual

protocols regarding copyright apply.

Our website contains no confidential or restricted information and hence, subject to your own

Data Protection protocols, BGF welcomes onward transmission to whomsoever it is felt may

be interested in our work.

Cookies are small strings of code stored on a computer to hold a modest amount of data

specific to a particular client and website. You may wish to seek technical advice on this from

a computer specialist but please note that we do not knowingly use cookies in managing or

processing your data.

BGF will not utilise its website to approach or engage with third parties on any matters other

than those pertaining to its aims and objectives as stated above. If you are approached by

anyone purporting to be part of, or representing, BGF and are unsure of their authenticity then

contact us direct for confirmation.

Other websites 

Our links pages may contain reference to other websites. Whilst every effort will be made to

ensure the accuracy of our links, BGF accepts no responsibility for external website content

and this Privacy Statement applies only to our organisation.

Changes to our policy 

We regularly review our Privacy policy and the statement may be modified from time to time

to take account of changes. These will be posted on this page and will apply from the time we

post them. Anything more than minor amendments will also be notified via our other

communications channels such as bulletins or newsletters as may be the case.


This Policy was last amended on 26th April 2018 and supersedes all previous.



Information Harvesting & Retention Policy PDF

British Glass Foundation

Information Harvesting and Retention Policy 


Under the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, effective from 25th

May 2018, we are obliged to state our policy on data collection (‘information

harvesting’) and retention. This should be read in conjunction with our accompanying

Privacy Statement. 


Scope and extent of data sought 

We seek no more information that is necessary to communicate the nature of our

work to our supporters and allied organisations. This extends to no more than

contact name, address, telephone number, email, and brief description eg ‘holds

information’, willing to volunteer’ etc. We hold no sensitive or personal information.

We are an organisation that relies principally on electronic communications in the

first instance but we recognize the possible future need for communicating with our

supporters by telephone or post.


Method(s) of capture 


In responding to enquiries we will henceforth routinely include in our response:

* details of our Privacy Statement on how we deal with information

* a ‘permissions and consent’ form for completion by the recipient, with a view to

adding to our database.

We will not accept permissions and consents verbally – all will either be by electronic

means or hard copy, recorded on our database as ‘E’ or ‘H’. Preferred methods of

communication will also be shown as ‘email’, ‘phone’ or ‘post’. A ‘date of birth (if

under 18)’ will assist our future compliance with any child protection issues that may

arise. Our requirement for this feature will be reviewed periodically.



Electronic consents will be held by that database holder on a secure system as

described in our Privacy Statement and accessible only by the database holder or

his/her nominated deputy.


Hard copy 

Hard copy consents will be scanned in and the originals destroyed securely once the

scanned copy has been checked.


Outside events 

Data obtained at outside events (eg fairs and shows) may be captured initially on

hard copy using our standard form that will also usually include a signature of the

data donor. It will then be transferred to our database and the hard copy destroyed.


Data entered directly into a database at such events, eg via a laptop computer, will

be undertaken in the presence and view of the donor and a record kept of such entry

and permissions.


Data collectors 

Data collectors from BGF or acting on its behalf will be fully appraised before any

data is obtained at an event as to the need for security, ie:

* forms will not to be left unattended

* forms will not to pass to the hands of unauthorised third parties

* forms will not be left on open display with the possibility of others viewing them

* forms will be put into an envelope of cardboard folder which is marked BGF Only

* verification of electronic capture, where applicable, will be collated

* hard copy will be handed to the database controller for action as above a.s.a.p


Business cards 

It is common practise for data to be captured by participants being invited to offer

their business cards into a collection, often in return for some form of prize or reward

but almost inevitably as a means on obtaining contact details.

BGF does not routinely use this method but should it do so then clear and

unambiguous signage will be placed on and around the collection point and that

potential donors will be given ‘adequate notice of intent’ before and during the event.

This may be, for example, by stating as such on any admission ticket. Each case will

be judged on its merits and a decision taken by the Trustees as to best practise, with

such decisions being recorded openly in their meeting minutes.

Business Cards will be scanned in and destroyed securely once the scanned copy

has been checked.


Other methods as yet unidentified or not routinely used 

As above, each case will be judged on its merits and a decision taken by the

Trustees as to best practise, with such decisions being recorded openly in their

meeting minutes. The principle of honest and reasonable belief as to compliance will

be paramount.

All other communications than those described, for example responding to

unsolicited letters and other communications, should be accompanied by a

‘permissions and responses’ request together with details of, or where to view, our

Privacy Statement.


Retention of data 

Our procedures for amending and reviewing data held on our database are clearly

expressed in our Privacy Statement. In essence:

* we only seek such data as is necessary to fulfill our purpose

* we never divulge data to third parties

* data is reviewed ad hoc on a regular basis

* data will be formally reviewed typically every 2 – 3 years

* we respect the ‘right to be forgotten’ and will remove data on request

* hard copy material will be destroyed once it has been scanned onto the system

* we do not record telephone calls

* we do not contact supporters by sms (text)

* we do not knowingly use ‘cookies’

* data will be accessed and used only by the person with responsibility for its use or

his/her nominated deputy

* our database and records are open to inspection at any reasonable time

* our database and records can be amended, updated or deleted by the data donor

at any reasonable time

* data will not be sent outside of the organisation

* data will not be exchanged via USB pen, disc or other means.

Data will be removed from the computer system as soon as the data subject

requests that they no longer wish to hear from the BGF or if they do not respond to

an email asking them to confirm they wish to continue hearing from us.


Recording changes 

Our agenda for the meeting of BGF Trustees will henceforth routinely include an item

of update on data protection matters. In this way we can openly demonstrate we are

self-monitoring our DP activity even if there is on occasions ‘nothing to report’.

Other than for minor or technical amendments, our database contributors will be kept

informed of any changes to policy and procedure by means of our database

information procedures, website updates and other promotional/communication



Miscellaneous provisions 

BGF will …

* act at all times in accordance with existing legislation and other provisions

* be pro-active in our compliance with data protection and allied requirements

* seek professional advice when required to assist us in our deliberations

* keep our supporters informed of all substantive changes to policies and procedures

* continue to demonstrate and promote its bona fides in handling personal data




version 3 dated 26.4.18