The successful completion of any task of significance is inevitably accompanied by various emotions ranging from exhilaration to relief. Thus on the evening of Thursday 7th April 2022, when around 150 of the Great and the Good converged on Wordsley for the VIP opening of the new Stourbridge Glass Museum, the heady mix of elation, satisfaction and pride was almost palpable. The evening was principally to thank our main funders, sponsors and supporters. Surrounded by glass items of exquisite beauty emanating from our area and beyond, all tastefully curated and displayed in state of the art cabinets, interactives and interpretations, it was challenging to reconcile that not so long ago this was an abandoned vandalised ruin of a former glassworks. After the best part of 13 years of vision, perseverance and sheer bloody-minded determination the British Glass Foundation, together with its partners, had transformed that eyesore into a world class facility.

Celebrating HF at WHC 11.2.2020

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Will Farmer, Trustee, and Ollie Buckley, Museum Director, Thursday 7 April 2022

Will and Ollie 1